Epson Archival Matte Paper, DIN A3, 189g/m², 50 Sheets

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This matte 189 g/m² paper-based medium is exclusively used with pigment ink. With the current silver-halogenide system, users could not print out matte pictures unless they subjected them to a complicated procedure. This paper is not the only solution for this complex procedure; however, it is attractive for many professional users that have been waiting for such a type of paper for a long time.
Sheets per pack50 sheets
Finish typeMatte
Paper sizeA3
Product colourWhite
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EcoTank L1800
Media weight189 g/m²
Packaging data
Package width310 mm
Package depth430 mm
Package height20 mm
Package weight1.37 kg
Quantity per pack1 pc(s)
Weight & dimensions
Width297 mm
Height420 mm
Logistics data
Quantity per pallet250 pc(s)
Pallet width80 cm
Pallet length120 cm
Pallet height115 cm
Master (outer) case width33 cm
Master (outer) case weight16.4 g
Master (outer) case length45 cm
Master (outer) case height23 cm
Quantity per pallet layer (UK)70 pc(s)
Quantity per pallet layer50 pc(s)
Quantity per pallet (UK)350 pc(s)
Quantity per master (outer) case10 pc(s)
Pallet width (UK)100 cm
Pallet length (UK)120 cm
Pallet height (UK)115 cm
Other features
Country of originJapan