Swann SWIFI-SOLAR solar panel

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Weatherproof Mount it outdoors where there’s plenty of sunshine. Built tough to withstand the elements, day in, day out, rain or shine Adjustable Angle Both the Solar Panel and Outdoor Mount have adjustable angles for optimum performance Drill Stand to Wall or Ceiling Screw & wall plugs included for long-term installation Extra Port Cover A watertight port cover is included. It has a hole for the USB plug and replaces the camera’s standard port cap Long USB Cable The long 10ft / 3m cable gives you great flexibility to pick the best mounting location with the most sunshine Screw-on Tripod Mount The Wire-Free Security Camera or the Smart Security Camera screw onto the tripod’s pin of the Outdoor Mount It’s sunny days for your home security Mount the Solar Panel outdoors where there’s plenty of sunshine and plug it to your Smart Security Camera for set-and-forget home security. Weatherproof Both the Solar Panel and included USB charging cable are weatherproof, so you can count on your Solar Panel day in, day out, rain or shine. Adjustable bracket lets you follow the sun Easily adjust the Solar Panel’s angle to maximize exposure to sunlight, as the sun will be in different positions depending on the season of the year Pass through replacement cap To keep its weather resistance, the kit includes a replacement port cover with a pass through for the micro USB plug (SWWHD-INTCAM). Long USB cable included The 10ft (3m) cable gives you the flexibility to pick the best spot for the Solar Panel to get the most sunlight and still reach the Smart Security Camera. Detailed instructional videos As part of Swann’s commitment to making security smarter and easier, you can check out the videos to see how you can get the best out of your Solar Panel.
Product colourBlack
Weight & dimensions
Width241 mm
Depth191 mm
Height20 mm