NETGEAR GS116E ProSafe Plus 16-port Gigabit Switch

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ProSafe Plus 16-Port Gigabit SwitchProSafe Plus Switch delivers network monitoring, traffic prioritization and VLAN16 ports deliver up to 2000 Mbps of dedicated, non-blocking bandwidth per portSimple, yet useful network set-up on top of plug-and-play connectivityGigabit speed with QoS, VLAN and network monitoringVLAN support for traffic segmentationQuality of Service (QoS) for traffic prioritizationAuto “denial-of-service” (DoS) preventionTroubleshoot connection issues via cable testLoop prevention and broadcast storm controlsIGMP snooping v1, v2 and v3 support for multicast optimizationRate limiting for better bandwidth allocationPort mirroring for network monitoringJumbo frame support NETGEAR GreenUp to 60% lower power consumption than the non-Green versionAuto power-down and cable-length detection for energy savingsPackaging manufactured with at least 80% recycled materials