JABRA (930-29-503-103) PRO 930 Wireless/USB Duo MS Headset

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The Jabra PRO 930 Headset is a sophisticated wireless headset, which is used for all types of voice communication. This headset is used by corporate as it provides maximum mobility. One can perform various other activities while conversing with the clients. The wired headsets, which were earlier used, did not have these advantages.To make them more usable, Jabra PRO 930 Headset can be connected to a computer soft phone. It is quite possible to connect the headset with the computer. It can be plugged into the USB port of the computer. Using the special software, Jabra PC Suite, enhancements and specific adjustments can be set.If the user is having difficulty in hearing the person on the other end, the user of Jabra PRO 930 Headset may increase the volume of the headset. Often users have questions regarding the safety features of Jabra PRO 930 Headset . Use of Jabra Safetone technology in the headset provides protection from loud noise.Peakstop can be selected to control the noise level of the headset. The music lovers have question whether they would be able to listen to music using this headset. Better music quality can be attained and one can listen to his or her favorite tracks. These features make this headset multi-purposeJabra PRO 930 Headset Features:•Noise cancelling - eliminating unwanted background noise.• Talk Time 8 hrs• Range: up to 120 Meters• Entry-level wireless heads* Headband only included, ear hooks and neckbands sold separately