Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Redundant Power System - Protect Up To 6 Rackmount Ubiquiti Gen2 Devices - 950W DC Power Budge

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The UniFi® SmartPower Redundant Power System, model USP-RPS, is a proprietary redundant power system designed to protect up to six UniFi SmartPower supported devices from sudden power supply module failure. The USP-RPS continually monitors all attached devices. In the event of an internal AC/DC power supply failure, failover is automatic so your network continues to operate with no interruption in service. With a 950W DC power budget, the USP-RPS can protect a variety of high-power devices, including UniFi PoE switches. An integrated 1.3' color touchscreen LCM displays system information for convenient monitoring. Features (6) USP DC output ports (1) Ethernet port 1U Rackmountable (kit included) 1.3' Touchscreen display with status information Managed by UniFi Network Controller version: 5.12.11 or later